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FIDO U2F Security Key Review And User Guide – 2017

What is U2F Security Key

You have probably been asked, when signing in to web accounts like Facebook, Google, Instagram, or others, to preform two factor authentication. Usually, this means giving them your phone number, getting a text, and entering a string of letters and numbers into the webpage. The idea is that because only you have your phone, if you can put in the correct code, you can prove your identity. This provides more security for your account because it prevents a malicious hacker who knows your password from taking control of your account – they don’t have your phone, e-mail, or other second authentication. The downside is that typing in numbers and letters all the time is annoying, error prone, and sometimes not even secure.

The Solution: FIDO U2F Security Keys

Fortunately, we can solve this program with a FIDO U2F Security Key. Basically, it’s just a little USB stick that hangs on your keyring, and uses the same technology as the golden chip in your credit card. Having it is proof to the outside world that you are in fact you. To use it, all you have to do is plug it in to your computer and have your accounts set up to accept it as authentication – no typing of keys required. Like the chips in credit cards, it contains a unique signature that proves your identity, but because it uses modern encryption technology, not all of the information is transferred to websites you use it with. In fact, even if someone intercepts your traffic, they cannot impersonate you or steal your key, because to send data that says it is from you, you need the physical key itself. What makes it especially useful is that it is organized by the FIDO Alliance, a nearly universal group of tech companies including Google, Microsoft, PayPal, AmEx, MasterCard, VISA, Samsung, Intel, and Bank of America. This means that all you need is one FIDO U2F key to log into and protect most of your online presence.

How do I get a U2F Security Keys ?

How do I setup my key on Facebook And Google ?

Many websites offer this option. Here’s how, for Facebook and Google:

How To Set Up U2F Security Keys On Your  Facebook Account

1. Go to the Settings page by clicking the arrow in the top right corner, then “Settings
2. Go to the “Security” tab on the right of the screen
3. Click “Login Approvals“, the second item on the list of options
4. Next to the entry “Security Keys” and a blue and gold U2F Key Icon, click “Add Key
5. Follow the directions to connect your FIDO U2F Security Key

How To Set Up U2F Security Keys On Your Google Account

1. Go to your google accounts page. You can get there however you want, or go to
2. Under “Sign-In & security” on the left side, click “Signing in to Google
4. Scroll down and click “2-Step Verification
5. Click “Get Started
6. Enter your Google password
7. Complete the process to turn on 2-Factor Authentication using your phone. This will involve entering a code from a text message.
8. Now scroll down to the section on alternative second authentications. Under “Security Key” click “ADD SECURITY KEY
9. Follow the directions and insert your key to tie it to your account.

From now on, securely logging on to either account from any computer will be as simple as plugging in your key.

New, Simpler, and More Secure Accounts. Most popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, automatically integrate FIDO U2F Security Keys. This means that it’s a significant upgrade to security over traditional second factor authentication systems, like the security key in a text message. This is because of the way that encryption works – the key goes from your USB Key to your computer’s browser to the website you’re browsing directly – a hacker listening in has no opportunity to steal the key you’d otherwise have to type in. This will keep your banking and data safer than ever before possible.Security keys promise to significantly simplify and improve online security. They offer the possibility to end having to memorize long and complex passwords, reduce the risk of hacking attacks and compromised accounts while on public networks, and a more pleasant, universal, and secure solution than security text-messages. Very easy to obtain at a very low price, they are the future of account security.

Apple iPhone 8 (2017) News, Release Date , Specifications & Features And Price

Apple iPhone 8

If you recall, a few months ago, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the best phones of 2017. The promises were that that iPhone would be the phone you could not live without. Now, talks are all about the new phone from Apple — the iPhone 8. With the iPhone 8, it will be the 10th -anniversary release of Apple’s iPhone. It’s amazing how evolved the iPhone has become since the first phone was placed on the market ten years ago in 2007. The iPhone 8 is talked about as being revolutionary and the best iPhone Apple has produced. All the iPhone fans are expecting big changes and are looking forward to the best smartphone yet with the upcoming arrival of the new iPhone 8. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the next generation of the mobile device. It is rumored that it may even be named the iPhone X in honor of the anniversary. Manufacturers are gearing up to make 120 to 150 million new iPhones in the latter part of this year. The rumors are running rampant about the iPhone 8. For example, since Apple has a patent for a folding phone, there are rumors that the new phone will be able to fold similar to how you fold a book. It is not that likely that just because Apple can, that they will use this design. However, there are so many more rumors that have surfaced about the new phone. Sources report exciting new changes and features in the next generation of the iPhone. Below are the specs that reports are presenting about the new phone.
Apple iPhone 8 (2017) News, Release Date , Specifications & Features And Price

Apple iPhone 8 Release date?

Apple will more than likely follow their typical release schedule. There will be a September press release date, and then the phone will come out a week afterward. It’s possible that the company will surprise consumers and introduce the model before the Fall, but there is undoubtedly anticipation building. Redefining with a glass on glass body. It is rumored that the new phone will steer away from the aluminum body. It’s expected that there will be two glass panes — one in the front and one on the back. There will be less metal bezel around the glass which will make for a larger screen. Reports believe that this new build will bring down the cost of the phone dramatically. The former models of the iPhone have Gorilla glass, but it is predicted that the new phone will replace that glass with Sapphire glass which will provide more protection. It will be virtually unbreakable.

Apple iPhone 8 Full Specifications

Brand Name Apple
Model iPhone 8
Network Type 4G, 3G, 2G
SIM Type Single
Camera  Back 16 MP, Front 13 MP
Display Size And Type 5.0 INCH 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
Body Size 6.1 mm thickness
Processor 1.4GHz Qualcomm – Octa Core CPU
Internal Memory 32/64/128/256 GB
External Memory N/A
Sensors Fingerprint (front-mounted),Proximity, Compass, Barometer, Accelerometer, Gyro
USB V3.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, HotSpot, NFC
Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh Battery (Removable)

Colors Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

iPhone 8 Features And Price 

It’s an eye-opener
It’s been suggested that the iPhone 8 will have an iris scanner installed which allow you to be able to unlock  the phone with your eye. Apple already has facial recognition with iOS 10. Samsung was one of the first to bring this technology to the masses. It’s predicted that the iPhone will have laser sensors and an infrared sensor located near the face fronting camera. With Apple’s induction of this feature in the new generation iPhone, it will be a nice substitute for the prior Touch ID. Touch ID will possibly become virtual and integrated
into the screen. Multiple Models and stylus -Equipped
It’s possible that in addition to the iPhone 8, there will be the iPhone Pro and iPhone Plus. One phone could be

5.5 inches with OLED screen. Another one will probably also be 5.5 inches but with an LCD screen and a third with 4.7 inches and an LCD screen with a single screen. The phone is rumored to be accompanied with a pen. The stylus will allow artists to be able to unleash their creativity and users will be able to better edit photos.

Assorted colors introduces a New one
The iPhone 5C had a colorful spectrum of color options. The iPhone 8 with mellow metallics will now possibly have a beautiful red added to the pallet of colors — black, rose gold, silver, and gold.
On the Edge
Rumors have surfaced that Apple will have an edge -to -edge display. The new phone may have a curved or OLED screen. However, this isn’t a new concept in the market of smartphones because it is something that also the competition, like Samsung, has been doing with their screen over the span of their most recent models. To help create more screen space, Apple may completely get rid of the home button. This will give the phone a brand new design — different from previous models.
Wire -free charging and more power
It’s been reported that Apple is looking into wireless charging. The rumor is that one of Apple’s main manufacturers are making wireless charging phones that we can see this year. The all -glass casing will help aid in this wireless charging feature. Apple will also amp up the phone’s RAM, and with an All processor, it will be more powerful. This will help the iPhone 8 become a leader and stand out in performance among the other smartphones on the market.

A phone that swims
The new phone could possibly be more water-resistant — especially if the phone is made to charge wirelessly. There would be no gateway for water or other liquid substances.

A better camera and Augmented Reality
It’s possible that the new iPhone 8 will have a dual -lens camera. The sensors will be better at capturing light which will make for increased quality in pictures. The new phone is predicted to be adapted for augmented reality as well. This will allow for a 3-D overlay. There are other platforms doing this but unfortunately not that great. This will be a great feature for the new phone because you could point to an object and it will be recognized and can be manipulated.

What it will cost you
The iPhone 7 with 256 GB, can cost over $900 off the shelf. So, it is expected that with all the iconic features of the new iPhone 8, it will be priced over $1,000. This price seems plausible considering the phone will have a bigger size and the pricey OLED or the LCD screen.
Apple iPhone 8 Price in USA : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in Bangladesh : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in Singapore : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in INDIA : Comming Soon

Apple iPhone 8 Price in KSA : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in Dubai: Comming Soon

Samsung New Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Full Specifications, Features And Price In USA, Bangladesh, India, KSA And Dubai

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Features

Samsung Mobile launch New smartphone Galaxy J3 Luna Pro. The new complex device seems to be a version of the Universe J3 Expert that was presented in China. The Universe J3 Master features a 5-inch HD (1280 x 720p) Superamoled display and is armed with 1.2 GHz quadcore processor and 2GB Memory. The smartphone includes 16GB of internal storage, which is often enhanced by another 128GB by way of a Micro-sd card. Android 5.1 Lollipop OS is run-on by the smartphone and it is supported with a 2600 mAh battery. Check Samsung Mobile Price In Bangladesh.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro New Android Smartphone Full Specification

Brand Name Samsung
Model Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
Network Type 4G, 3G, 2G
SIM Type Dual stand By (Nano)
Camera  Back 5 MP, Front 2 MP
Display Size And Type 5 Inch – IPS LCD, Capacitive Touch Ccreen
Body Size Polycarbonate Body
Processor Octa Core processor
Internal Memory 16GB
External Memory Upto 256 GB
Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity, Light
USB V2.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, HotSpot
Battery Li-Ion 2600 mAh Battery (Removable)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In USA : Coming Soon
Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In Bangladesh : Coming Soon
Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In India : Coming Soon
Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In KAS : Coming Soon
Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In Dubai : Coming Soon
Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Price In Singapore : Coming Soon

Nokia P1 Android Phone Review Full Specifications And Price in Bangladesh And Singapore

Nokia P1 Android Phone Review

Ever since Nokia entered the cellphone market after they released their first Mobira senator car phone in 1982, it has always be at the forefront in the production of pioneering cellphones that offer simplified elegance and superior durability. This Finland based cellphone manufacturer is widely known for manufacturing award-winning Smartphones like Nokia 3310. Last year, they are announced that they will be releasing space-age flagship Nokia Android phone sometime this year. They are yet to release most of the vital information regarding the design, specs, release date and pricing of their new product though. However, in look of the concept render video they released late last year, we see a high-end android phone that is going to not only sell profusely but also give Nokia’s die-hard customers a reason to smile again.

Nokia P1 Design

In the concept extract video, Nokia P1 is portrayed as a high-end android phone that includes a metal framing and exclusive body design. On its right edge rests power and volume buttons while on its left edge rests hybrid dual-SIM slot. The speaker grille, USB Type-C port and 3.5mm audio jack are comfortably placed in phone’s bottom edge. As for the Home Button, it’s located just below the display and perfectly above the phone’s fingerprint scanner. The phone is expected to come in black, rose gold and silver color preferences.

Nokia P1 Specifications

Nokia has revealed Android 7.0 Nougat Out-of-the-box as their preferred Android OS preference for their upcoming Nokia P1. They have also confirmed that the phone will use latest 2.3Ghz Quadcore CPU, Snapdragon 835 SoC processor and 6 GB RAM. The smartphone comes with 5.3-inch display which is coupled with Gorilla Glass 5 and QHD screen resolution. As for the camera, it will have Zeiss-certified 22.6-megapixel sensor. It is rumored that this smartphone will include IP57-certification for water and dust resistance. Its battery will be 4000 mAh and high-end support for quick and smooth charging. It will come in two storage options which are 128 GB and 256 GB. Other common features include HSPA 3G capabilities, finger print reader, GSM 2G capabilities, both rear and front cameras and 4G TDD-Lite capabilities.

Nokia P1 Release Date And Price

Information about the release date for Nokia P1 is yet unavailable. However, HMD Global is likely to provide full details about the specs and release date of the phone during a press conference which will be held at MWC on the 26th of this month. Rumors have it that this smartphone will be available in two different storage variants which will determine their pricing. The 128 GB storage variant is rumored to sell at 800 dollars while the 256GB variant is expected to sell at 950 details.

The largest percentage of the information available online about the specs, design, pricing and release date of Nokia P1 is merely based on speculations and rumors. While it’s true this highly anticipated smartphone will include some of the features mentioned above, we can’t guarantee that everything mentioned is true. Therefore, as you wait for the release of the phone, you should also be ready to accept all the new changes if at all there will be any.

Nokia Heart New Android Phone Specifications and Price in Bangladesh And Singapore

The wait is over A few days ago, Nokia announced that it will be releasing their first new smartphone, of two, that they have promised to release in 2017. The new Nokia Heart have been rumoured for quite some time, and is finally going to hit the market. Rumours on the market suggest that the company will be releasing the Nokia Heart on the 26th of February 2017 on the Mobile World Congress. The new smartphone is said to be a cheaper and slimmed down version of the Nokia 6, with similar features. But unlike Nokia 6, released only in China, Nokia Heart has been promissed to be released worldwide.

The new Nokia heart, set to be an android based phone, is Promissed to be an affordable smartphone by Nokia. As expected, the Nokia Heart Android Phone will run on Android 7.0 Nougat, and you will find all the specifications, features, and much more below:

Nokia Heart Smartphone Features

Operational System Android 7.0
Display -Pixels 1280×720, -Screen Size: 5/2″ -Touch Screen -5 finger gesture support
CPU -SoC Qualcomm (Cortex A53 – ARMv8) -Octa Core CPU @ 1.4GHz GPO -Qualcomm Adreno no 505
OpenGL API -OpenGL ES 3.2 -Adreno no 505 OpenCL API-GPO -Open CL 2.0 -QUALCOMM Adreno
Storage -1.8GB

Back Camera
-12 Megapixel (4160×3120)
-Video: FHD (1920×1080) -Autofocus, face detection, touch focus, and flash
Front Camera
-7 Megapixel (3264×2448)
-Video: FHD (1920×1080)
Memory -1.8 GB
Battery : 3000 mAh

The new Nokia Heart smartphone is prepared to attend picky users, with a 13MP back camera with an LED flash, and an 8MP front camera for crystal clear video calls, and selfies. Unfortunately, we currently have no information about the battery life of the upcoming Nokia Heart. This configurations tells us that the company is attentive to the trends in smartphones market and understand his users needs, in the era of social media.
The main objective of the company bringing to life Nokia Heart, is to offer standard specifications in a low, competitive price. This smartphone makes possible for the owner to use almost all the regular functions of a common phone with a very fair performance. However, smoothness and quality output through the functions of the device can’t be expected from this one If the user wants top photography, internet speed, HD gaming, comfortable display and etc this smartphone may not be the best choice.
Keeping the specifications that the company has unveiled at the moment, the Nokia Heart Android is coming to attend the market of affordable smartphones, that is designed to offer people affordability, while adding the necessary smartphone features. Is good news to users that look for good performance at low prices.
5.2 inch HD
Resolution 720×1080 HD
SIM Dual Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Processor
Internal Memory 16GB
Rear Camera – 13MP
Back Camera Front DO Camera 8MP Front Camera
Nokia Heart Date  Release Expected on 26th February 17
Nokia Heart Price in Bangladesh : Coming Soon
Nokia Heart Price in Singapore : Coming Soon

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the various smartphones Nokia has promised to their customers. There is no set date on these smartphones, but we know for certain that the Nokia Heart Android is expected to be released at the end of this month. The new Nokia smartphone will be available to the entire world instead the Nokia 6, and can be used by Nokia lovers around the world. This smartphone is expected to help Nokia to get back into the mainstream, and reclaim his place as a important smartphone company in the world.

Nokia P1 New Android Phone Released Date Specifications And Price in USA, India, KSA And Pakistan

Nokia P1 New Android Phone Released Date And Specifications

Nokia is expected to release what could be its most powerful smartphone so far. Nokia P1 could be the next Android-powered phone from the iconic Finnish phone maker. Here are the various features of the phone that is yet to be released.
Nokia P1 New Android Phone Released Date Specifications And Price in USA, India, KSA And Pakistan

 Nokia P1 Released Date  Feb 26 – 2017
Nokia P1 Android Phone Specifications – Price
Brand Name Nokia
Model Nokia P1
Network Type 4G, 3G, 2G
SIM Type Single
Camera  Back 22.5 MP, Front 8 MP
Display Size And Type 5.3 inches (13.46 cm)  – IPS LCD – Multi-touch
Body Size 1540.00 x 72.80 x 7.85 MM
Processor 2.45 GHz, Quad core, Kryo + 1.9 GHz, Quad core
Internal Memory 128GB/256GB
External Memory Upto 256GB
Sensors Compass, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Light Sensors, Gyroscope
USB V2.0
OTG Version 2.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, HotSpot
Battery Li-Ion 3500 mAh Battery (Removable) – Talk Time : Up to 18 h (3G)

Nokia P1 Price In USA : 128 GB 800 $ Dollar And 256 GB 950 $ Dollar

Nokia P1 Price In INDIA : 53, 620.40 Indian Rupee

Nokia P1 Price In KSA : 3000  Saudi Riyal

Nokia P1 Price In Pakistan : 83808.0016 PKR

Nokia P1 Price In Bangladesh : 63920.00 Bangladeshi Taka

Nokia P1 Price In  Dubai : 2938.32 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Nokia P1 New Android Phone Released Date Specifications And Price in USA, India, KSA And Pakistan

Nokia P1 Hardware Review

In any smartphone, hardware is probably the most important factor as it significantly influence the performance of the phone. The phone is expected to have an octa-core processor of 835 SoC, and clocked at 5ghz. This is one of the most powerful processors in the market with heavy multitasking capability and the ability to perform virtually any type of task. Nokia P1 also has 6GB of RAM, increasing its ability to multitask even with tasks that require a lot of memory to run. With the Snapdragon 820 processor and the large RAM, the phone is ideal for heavy multitasking users and the game lovers.

Nokia P1 Software Review

The phone is expected to run on Android 7.0 Nougat, which is the latest version of Android, making it the first Nokia phone to user this fashion of Android.

Nokia P1 Camera Review

Nokia smartphones are famous for their good cameras, and this was an outstanding future in Nokia N8 and Nokia 808 Pureview. Nokia P1 comes with a camera unit of 22.6 Megapixel Primary. The phone also has a dual LED flash, and these features are likely to ensure that the phone gives detailed and clear images. The phone also comes with an 8 Megapixel camera at the front.

Nokia P1 Display Review

The phone is expected to have 5.3 inch display with a capacitive touchscreen and the screen is expected to use IPS LCD technology. Nokia P1 also comes with a Corning gorilla Glass 5 to protect the display from falls and scratches. The phone could therefore be resistant to spills and drops, making it one of the best in the market. Considering that the phone will have a 2 display and Good Pixel density, the video quality and the picture quality of the phone is expected to be highly impressive. The display will also have bright and vibrant colors, resulting in a thrilling viewing experience.

Nokia P1 Other Features

The phone is also expected to have a 3500mAh battery which supports quick charging. This is expected to ensure a battery backup of between 5 hours and 7 hours, although this is expected to vary from one user to another. Nokia P1 also comes with a fingerprint scanner located on the right of the device. The phone also comes with a microSD Card slot and an external storage capability of up to 256 GB. The phone however comes with a single-sim slot and this may be a turn-off for those who prefer double-sim smartphones.

Nokia P1 is expected to come in two variants with different prices. For the 128 GB variant, the price is expected to start at $800 while for the 256 GB variant of the phone, the price is expected to start at around $950. This is probably aimed at catering for the different segments of the consumer market. Release date It is rumored that Nokia P1 will be released in the course of the year 2017.

Zen Cinemax 4G Full Specification, Price in Bangladesh And India

With the day to day change in technology, the phase of the mobile phone industries has not been left behind. In simple words is that it keeps giving us surprises each and every now and then. If we happen to look at the Zen Cinemax 4G, it this explains a lot on the point above. Zen was founded in the year 2009. In other words Zen mobile is the product of the Teleecare Group. The Teleecare Group is found in India and is a major distributor of the mobile brands.

Zen Cinemax 4G was just released this year in the month of February. This phone comes with a lot of great specifications and features and is available in both Champagne and the Rose Gold colors. It also has a huge customer review despite its short duration on the market. The Zen Cinemax 4G mobile is currently going for only RS : 6390.
Zen Cinemax 4G Bangladesh Price : 7700 (-/+) TAKA
Zen Cinemax 4G Price In India : 6390 RS

Zen Cinemax 4G Display And Stores :

Zen Cinemax 4G has come with features like; it has a 5.5 inch display screen which most users prefer in the modern world of technology with lots of things to do on such a screen. It also includes a quad-core powered 2GB RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB that can be expansively increased to 32 GB while using a micro SD card.

Zen Cinemax 4G Camera :

The reason many users buy a mobile phone in the current world we are in is because of the camera. Well, the Zen Cinemax 4G has not let its users down as it has been built with both a 5 megapixel front camera for “selfies” and a 5 megapixel back or rear camera.
Zen Cinemax 4G  Connectivity
The Zen Cinemax 4G mobile is dual SIM with lots of connectivity options that include the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as usual, a USB OTG , headphones, GPS enabled and supports both 3G and 4G networks. Zen Cinemax 4G is currently bundled with the Jio happy new year offer which gives the customer the mandate to make free calls and use internet data till the end of March, 2017 ( Only For India).

Zen Cinemax 4G  Battery
The android system of the Zen Cinemax 4G has not been left behind as it has been upgraded to 6.0 or what people call the Marshmallow android system. It also has a non-removable battery powered by 2900 mAh which makes it long-lasting and can last for up to 300 hours while in stand by mode.
The Zen Cinemax 4G is equipped with more than 20 different Indian languages which include Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Tamil only to mention but a few. It also has some sensors which are the proximity sensors and accelerator not leaving out the ambient light sensory.
For any user who purchases the Zen Cinemax 4G mobile phone is being provided with a protection kit with a one-time replacement of the screen in case of a breakage during the first 6 months which means guarantee from the Zen company. The Zen Cinemax 4G’s keyboard comes with a language lock that enables user to have any language from his/her phone’s screen.
As the world keeps growing drastically in technology, the phone users should also try to cope with the modernized environment by getting mobile phones like the Zen Cinemax 4G. Otherwise we cannot have a growing economy while still using the dark ages gadgets.

Nokia Heart New Android Smartphone Specifications, Review and Price

Nokia Heart New Android Smartphone

Nokia Heart New Android Smartphone

Nokia Heart its a Nokia latested Android Smartphone. some days ago Nokia Release a Android Phone Nokia 6 . Now nokia ready her new smartphone Nokia Heart Releasing . Nokia Heart Release On March 2017. NOKIA, one of the most reputed and well known mobile phone manufacture company gave a sad dismal to the smartphone world in 2011 by making the not so rewarding business deal with Microsoft. But with the contract over, the company is now all set to enter the smartphone market once again with a bang. With Android on-board, Nokia’s comeback is expected to be ground-breaking. Let’s hope it’s the year for Nokia.
Rumour has it that Nokia will be launching three new smartphones this year at the MWC. Recently, it has been confirmed that HMD Global, the company that has rights to the Nokia Brand has booked a slot at the MWC trade show where it is assumed that the suspense’s of the new Nokia smartphone releases will be revealed. An official statement has been stated from Nokia to the journalists, “hear about the next exciting chapter in the Nokia consumer story.” and have extended them the invitation to the attend the special presentation taking place in Barcelona on 26th February.
One of the smartphone expected to be unveiled at MWC 2017 is a new lower end Nokia model code-named “heart”. “Nokia heart” which is set to arrive soon has been recently spotted in benchmarks result of the database of GFXbench. Based on the results, it is estimated that it is quite similar but on a lower end to The Nokia 6 which was a hit in China with its release. Some of the unconfirmed details about the model has surfaced. No official announcement regarding the features of the model has been made.
 Nokia Heart New Android Smartphone Specifications, Review and Price

Nokia Heart New Android SmartPhone Specifications

Nokia Heart New Android Smartphone Full Specification
Brand Name Nokia
Model Nokia Heart
Network Type 4G, 3G, 2G
SIM Type Single
Camera  Back 13 MP, Front 8 MP
Display Size And Type 5.2 Inch – IPS Capacitive
Body Size 154.00 x 75.80 x 7.85 mm
Processor 1.4GHz Qualcomm – Octa Core CPU
Internal Memory 16GB
External Memory Upto 128GB
Sensors Compass, Proximity Sensor,Accelerometer,Light Sensors
USB V2.0
OTG Version 2.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, HotSpot
Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh Battery (Removable)

Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in Bangladesh : Coming Soon –  Bangladeshi Taka
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in India : Coming Soon – Indian Rupee
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in USA : Coming Soon –  US Dollar
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in China : Coming Soon –  Chinese Yuan equals
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in Malaysia : Coming Soon –  Malaysian Ringgit
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in Dubai : Coming Soon – United Arab Emirates Dirham
Nokia Heart Android Smartphone Price in Pakistan : Coming Soon –  Pakistani Rupee
It is rumoured that one of the new Nokia phones will cost very little around 150$. And seeing at the lower specs of Heart in comparison to that of Nokia 6 which is $250, “Nokia heart” price is thought to be 150$. The Nokia heart listing was first spotted by Mobile Key Price.
Seeing these features, if they are true then the Nokia Heart seems like an affordable alternative of the Nokia 6.
According to the benchmark scores, the device beat up the scores of the Moto Z Play in the graphics category. High graphical scores indicate decent optimization. However, the test were not able to specify details of the processor’s performance or the device battery life. The features and details obtained from the benchmark listings may not be the final ones and there can be some changes before the official launch.
If the marketing is done right, this small device with almost all the features may play a vital role in the company’s comeback strategy. February will hopefully bring answers to the long-awaited comeback. iPhone and Samsung be ready, your worthy opponent is ready to be on the field and the competition will be tough so be ready for the big challenge ahead of you.

New System For Malaysia Visa Check By Using Passport Number

How To Check Malaysia Visa By Using Only Passport Number

New System For Malaysia Visa Check By Using Passport Number

There are many places in the country where you can get Malaysia visa. You can submit your Malaysia visa application at various visa applications. Before you submit Malaysia visa you need to go through some guidelines. The guidelines help you to prepare as well as collect your documents for the visa. When it come visa form, you have to give all available documents that must be complete. If there is any incomplete document or data that it can possibly take more time than you think.
Before applying for the visa you need to choose the clear purpose for it. Make sure everything must ready before you prepare for the visa. It’s not sure how many days it takes but if you have everything clear then it doesn’t take longer time. Fill your visa form and attached a photograph of it. Attach a photo according to the guidelines and specification. Make sure that your application is complete with the all necessary documents. Before you visit visa centers are sure that you have everything they need. Malaysia Visa centers always check every document that needs. Now the next step is you have to go through the visa process.

In some cases, the person has to go through the visa interviews. If you are one of them it can possible that you wait longer for your visa. Even in many cases, they can tell you to leave your passport there that they will return with the visa. When your visa will get ready they will call you or SMS you at the registered number. It can take as much as 14 working days to go through the process.

Track Malaysia visa status Using Passport Numbers.

It’s based on the visa that you choose. Malaysia Visa gives services of tracking your visa. You have to go embassy website of the Malaysia. All you need to do is choose a location and enter your application ID no and in just matter of fraction web, the page will show their passport and application status. Whenever you put your id number and passport number you can able to look the current position of the visa. In some cases, they can ask for your email Id or your mobile number.

How to Check Malaysia Visa Online by passport number?

New System For Malaysia Visa Check By Using Passport Number

The process is a star with opening the page of Malaysian immigration and head over to services. You can directly go embassy’s website :  and enter passport number in the filled called as “No.Dokumentselect your Country from the drop-down money that called as “Warganegara” and then press “caring“.

Here are the requirements and some of the steps that you must study.

· You only can get through your passport number there is no other way. For students, select your university and contact with the university office through call or email.
· Submit all relevant documents such as Academic Certificate and transcripts as well as the passport with all details.
· Accepted latter by your university will help Malaysian department of immigration to pass the visa.
· After it, the application of students submitted to the Malaysia Immigration department for an approval of the visa.
· When they receive your application then they will check everything related document to the application. They will analyze everything twice. In just a few hours of submission all your data transfer to the website where you can check you all available details. In short, it’s visible to the website.
· After approval students have to face interview at the embassy.
· Before living they must have to inform their current school or college.
· All process of visa will complete in 8 days.
Track Malaysia work permit visa check online by passport number.
When you will come back with the result, Malaysia takes record of all the data. They will find all details about you. If you don’t know the language of the website then you can translate it into English or you can use auto translate plugins once you received the approval letter the visa check is the next step. I recommending to you to visit website time to time. You can see all the details of visa after submitting your application. You will get inform when you get the Visa.

Samsung New Galaxy C9 Pro Full Specification And Price In Bangladesh 2017

Samsung  Galaxy C9 Pro Specification

Samsung has the best products and technology when it comes to smartphones. They recently introduced a life changing brand. The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. A gadget that has revolutionized the users experience, having been designed to suit the digital communication needs in the current world.
Galaxy C9 Pro is also designed to meet the modern state in the smartphone technology. This gadget has an upper ranking in terms of performance, Operating system, camera, processor and display. The brand is famous because of the sleek and smart designing that has proven quality with the features and specifications that accompanies the design.

Discussed below are the key features of Samsung  Galaxy C9 Pro

The design is well developed leaving it very attractive and fits comfortably in your hands (dimensions of 162.9 x 80.7 x 6.9 mm and weighs 189 g). It is ultra slim and less bulky in your pocket. Designed to last with a full metal outer cover. Samsung endeavor to give users a lasting value derived from their electronics. The device is available in four amazing colors; Gold, pink gold and black.
Processor : 
The new Galaxy C9 pro has a speed that is amazing. It is powered by a 6GB RAM and a 64 BIT Octa-Core processor up to 1.9 GHz that enables multitasking. You can watch your favorite videos, shuffle apps as you please and also download content at high speed. Samsung galaxy C9 Pro is a perfect device that cuts through, solving for all demographics needs in communication.
Display :

The screen is a high definition super AMOLED and captive touchscreen (multitouch), supports up to 16 million colors and designed to allow you activate the pixels with ease and fast. This screen is 6.0 inches (approximately 75.5% screen to body ratio) and a 1080*1920 resolution capability. This display screen is protected by a corning Gorilla glass that is a perfect guard from accidental breaking. Experience the world and its splendor with this extra ordinary cell phone. Beautiful and unique in its own way.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Camera :

A 16 MP primary camera with phase detection autofocus, dual-LED flash and f/1.9 that allows Geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus, panorama and HDR. The camera allows you to capture up to 1080p at 30fps. The secondary camera (front) is also a 16MP, f/1.9 and up to 1080p. Samsung cameras come with spectacular experiences for selfies and groupfies that will leave a trail of elegance when shared with friends and family. The camera is a quick to launch feature; by just double clicking the home button, the camera is directly launched.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Battery : 

None removable 4000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery designed to last longer and allows you to do more without charging. It takes less time to charge with the new Type C USB on the charging system.
Storage : 
Amazingly, Samsung galaxy C9 Pro is powered by enough space to store your stuff. 64 GB internal storage capacity and a MicroSD slot that can extend the space up to 256 GB (external storage). On top of that is a Dual Sim (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by). With this space on the cellphone, you keep whatever piece of information that is so dear to you with you all the time.

Platform : 
Powered by Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), a Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 653 Chipset, Octa-core (4×1.95 GHz Cortex-A72 & 4×1.4 GHz Cortex-A53) CPU and an Adreno 510 GPU.
Sound : 
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with three alert types. Vibration; MP3 and Wav ringtones. There are inbuilt stereo speakers and a 3.5mm jack with active noise cancellation and dedicated mic.
Connectivity :
· Allows Data transfer: LTE Cat4 (150Mbps/50Mbps), HSPA+ 42Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps, 3G, EDGE , GPRS
· Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
· GPS: with A-GPS, GLONASS/ BDS that is region dependent.
· Radio: Stereo FM radio RDS enabled

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro General Features

· Messaging enabled: SMS (thread view) Email, MMS, IM and Push Mail.
· Browser: HTML5 programming language.
· MP4, MP3, WAV, eAAC+, WMA, FLACH.264, WMV player.
· Photo and video editor
· Document viewer
· ANT+ support
Finally, the most amazing thing about Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is the price at which you get it. This price may vary but the recommended is from USD 509. The price may vary especially from country to country due to legal requirements. In some countries there is the importation and transportation costs that may apply. At this price customers get a real value of their money. Enjoy the best experience and guaranteed performance from Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. A smartphone that will keep a smile on you always. See More information about Samsung Mobile Bangladesh price.

Samsung  Galaxy C9 Pro  Price In Bangladesh : 49,000.00 TAKA

Samsung New Galaxy C9 Pro  Price In USA : 509 $ Dollar ( USD )