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HSC Exam Result 2017 Education Board Bangladesh

Students in Bangladesh have to take a public examination known as Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination conducted by government after successfully passing in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination, for further education.

What is HSC Exam Result 2017 ?

In Bangladesh students study under are various different educational boards namely Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Rajshahi Board, Jessore Board, Chittagong Board, Barisal Board, Sylhet Board, Dinajpur Board, Madarsa Board and Technical. In order to maintain equality education system all the students have to give the HSC Exam to pass out from High Schools or intermediate collages. For every student who wants to study further passing this HSC Exam is compulsory to get admission in any collage for honors and graduation courses. In the year of 2017 over 15 lakhs students will take the exam.

 HSC Exam Result 2017 Education Board Bangladesh

Important Dates in HSC Result 2017
The HSC board announces the exam routine 2 months before the exam and along with it all the important dates for HSC Exam Result 2017.
· A few days back the Education Minister of Bangladesh said that the HSC examination will be held on first week of April and it’s likely that it will start on 3rd April 2017.
· The HSC result 2017 will be published within 90 days after the end of the exam and the proposed day for declaration of result is set to be 18 August 2017 at 02:00 pm.

How to check HSC Exam Result 2017?

Well there are two methods to check the results for HSC Examination namely via SMS or by visiting official result website.
How to check results through SMS?
Students can check their HSC results through mobile phones just via sending a short coded message to 16222, and you will receive your result. All you need is the short code of your respective boards which are provided below. The format of the SMS is given below.
HSC <space> Short code of Board <space> Roll Number<space> 2017
Short codes for all the boards
· DHA = Dhaka Education Board
· COM = Comilla Education Board
· CHI = Chittagong Education Board
· RAJ = Rajshahi Education Board
· BAR = Barisal Education Board
· SYL = Sylhet Education Board
· JES = Jessore Education Board
· DIN = Dinajpur Education Board
· TECH = Technical Education Board
· MAD = Madrasah Education Board

For example if you are studying under Comilla Board and your roll number is 4561378 then send HSC COM 4561378 2017 to 16222.

How to check HSC Exam Result 2017 Online ?

You can also check your result easily through internet. All you need to do is follow the simple steps given below.
· Visit the official result website:
· Under the “Examination” tab select “HSC/Alim/Equivalent”
· Under the “Year” tab select the year 2017
· Under the “Board” tab select your applicable board
· Enter the roll number in the roll number column as printed on your hall ticket/admit card.
· Fill the captcha to verify that you are human not a bot
· Hit submit button, your result will be displayed in a flash.
You can also take a hardcopy printout of the result if you want, just click on the print button.

Check result using EIIN number

You can also view the results through EIIN number of an educational institute. EIIN stands for Educational Institute Identification Number which is allotted by the Ministry of Education and is unique for every collage and can be used to view the result collage wise.

Marksheets and passing certificates will be provided to all the students after few months of publication of results by their respective schools and colleges.

How TO Check HSC RESULT 2017 

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SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh Education Board Exam Result

SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh All Education Board Result

SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh Normally, the result is SSC Exam Result published 60 days after the examination is finished, and this year it all the educational boards of Bangladesh will publish result within the month of May 2018. The result can be obtained in many ways. The technology has made it very easy to get the result of the SSC examination. The students can know their how to check SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh through online, mobile SMS system and through the traditional method that is the school’s notice board. The students with good results are awarded scholarships. The governments of Bangladesh provide scholarships to the deserving students to motivate them to do better.
SSC is the abbreviated form of Secondary School Certificate Examination. It is a public examination held in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. The examination is conducted for the completion of exam of secondary education. SSC is equivalent to GSCE in England and first two years of high school in the USA. In Bangladesh, students sit for their SSC examination after the completion of their tenth grade. SSC examination in Bangladesh will start at the beginning of the month of February 2018, and the examination will end in the month of March 2018.In this current context of the result of the examination is published within a very short period.
 SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh Education Board Exam Result

SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh

SSC Examination Boards with their short code

There are boards for Intermediate and Secondary Education that conduct SSC examination. These boards are affiliated with the government of Bangladesh that is responsible for conducting the public examinations such as Secondary School Certificate (SSC) program for the students. Educational Board of Bangladesh or Bangladesh Education Board holds the responsibility for the intermediate and secondary education of the students in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Education Board is the main board and the Ministry of Education for the publication of the result 2018 Bangladesh. Hence the Bangladesh Education Board collects all the data and information of the result from all the boards affiliated to check, confirm and publish the result. It also works to improve the teaching methodology for the students of Bangladesh. The boards those are responsible for conducting SSC examination in Bangladesh with their short code up is listed below.
1. Dhaka Education Board (DHA)
2. Rajshahi Education Board(RAJ)
3. Comilla Education Board (COM)
4. Barisal Education Board(BAR)
5. Jessore Education Board(JES)
6. Chittagong Education Board(CHI)
7. Dinajpur Education Board(DIN)
8. Sylhet Education Board(SYL)
9. Technical Education Board(TEC)
10. Madrasah Education Board(MAD)

The boards conduct the examination, and the shortcodes provide help the students to look up for their results online or get it through the SMS codes. The board codes are also important during the examination since the students need to know from which board is they perusing their examination. To check the result of the SSC examination 2018, the board codes are important. The board codes are the first three letters of the board. For example for Technical Education Board the first three letters are TEC. Hence, the code for the board is TEC.

How to check the SSC examination result 2018 online and through the SMS?

The resulting time is pressuring, and the students want to know the result as soon as they get published. There are many methods to check the result like checking online or the traditional method of checking on the school’s notice board, but these processes take up a lot of time. The government takes the time to upload the result and publish all the result sheets online, or the students have to reach all the way to the school to check their results. The publication of the result make the students feel impatient, and they need to know as soon as they have been published. To know the result as soon as it gets published, the best method is the SMS method. Now, the question is how to check the result through SMS?
SMS method is the fastest and the smartest way to know the result. You send the SMS through any mobile. All you need is a valid SIM connection with sufficient balance in it to check SSC result 2018. To get the result, the students need to follow the format to send the SMS. Go to your mobile SMS box then type “SSC” then give space. After that type “your board code” then again give space then type “your SSC exam roll no” then give space and type your “Exam year” and send it to 16222. The format is here again.
SSC (Space) 1st 3 Letter of Education Board (Space) Your SSC Exam Roll (Space) Exam Year and Send it To 16222 Number
After the SMS is sent the students receive an SMS in which their result is provided. It is extremely and fast way to check the result.See  Also SSC Result 2018 Online

All the results for you SSC examination is published by the Education Board of Bangladesh. To know the result, the students need to know their board code that is the first three letters of the board and their roll number.
The SSC result 2018 Bangladesh can also be checked online. The students can also check their result with their mark sheet online by going to the official website for the result publication that is . The students can reach to the site where they will find a form to fill the details in it. The students need to fill their code for the examination that is the first three letters of the examination board then they need to fill in the year of their examination. After that, the students have to fill in their roll number provided for the examination and then their registration number for the examination. After filling the form, the students can click the submit button, or if they have made any mistakes in the form, then they can click the reset but and again fill the form. If the form is filled correctly and submitted, then it will take the students to the page where they can see their mark sheet of the result. Checking the result online helps the students to check their whole mark sheet. The result is normally published in the month of May every year and so for the SSC result 2018.
How to Check hsc result 2018

How To Check JSC And JDC Result 2017 With Full Marksheet

JSC result 2017 all education board has published today on 29 December 2017 at 2.00 PM.  Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam result.  Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exam.  Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam result.  Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam result.  Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam and result are conducted by eight public education boards. Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exam and result conducted by Bangladesh madrasah education boards.

Two ways to finding JSC/JDC result 2017
1, From online
2, By mobile SMS

Check JSC Result 2017 and JDC Result With Online

The first time you go to Bangladesh education board official website: then follow this step.
Step: 1

Step : 2

Step: 3
Step: 4
Step: 5
Step : 6

Check JSC Result 2017 And JDC Result 2017 By SMS

In Bangladesh most of the people who don’t have any internet devices.For this reason, the r not able to check JSC/JDC result in 2017 from online. They can easily check their JSC/JDC result from any mobile by sending a short message.

Bangladesh all Education board Have a 3 Digit Short Code number.

DHA  For  Dhaka Education Board.
COM For  Comilla Education Board.
RAJ For  Rajshahi Education Board.
JES For  Jessore Education Board.
CHI For Chittagong Education Board.
BAR Barisal Education Board.
SYL For Sylhet Education Board.
DIN For Dinajpur Education Board.
MAD For Madrasah Education Board.
TEC For  Technical Education Board.
you use this shortcode for check JSC result 2017 by SMS.
The first time you go to your Mobile SMS Option: 1st 3 Letters of Your Education Board Name <space> 6 Digit JSC Roll Number <space> 2017 AND Send 16222 Any Bangladeshi Mobile number.Charge needed Only 2.44 Tk only.

Check JDC result 2017 By SMS ?
Go to Your Mobile SMS Option: 1st 3 Letters of Your Education Board Name <space> 6 Digit JDC Exam Roll Number <space> 2017 AND Send 16222 .

PSC Exam Result 2017-18 Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh

The PSC result, PSC result 2017 was published on the December 31, 2017. PCS an acronym for Primary School Certificate which is taken on the board of Primary Education. For one to take part in this examination, they need to first pass the examination of class 5 and to be attended in the final examination in a predetermined date by the board.

PSC Exam Result 2017-18  Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh

This examination is also referred to as Shamaponi examination. The Primary School Certificate examination was started in the year 2009. In is first two occurrences the examination results was provide under divisional system but since the year 2011, it started being presented under a grading system.
Also from the year 2010, the examination time was added by half an hour so that it can be taken in two and a half hours. At the same time for the publication of the PSC result, PSC result 2017 also the JSC Scholarship Results and the JSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 was to be published soon afterward. And these results could easily be accessed through their official website. The official website is and it is the best result checking site for all the Education Board students in Bangladesh.

As per the Ministry of Education, PSC result, PSC result 2017 and the JSC Results was to be published on the 30th December 2017 after 2.00 p.m.
The PSC result, PSC result from 2017
The PSC result, PSC result 2017 was to publish with the JSC Exam Result 2017 on the same day. This was good news for the PSC examinee and their parents and guardians. The Ministry of the Primary Education, Bangladesh also said that they will publish the PSC result, PSC results 2017 BD as soon as possible for the examinees to access them. They also added that they were hopeful to announce the results within the last week of December 2017. So it was so convenient to access the PSC results without any limitations.
The PSC result, PSC result 2017 examination website was ready to help the examinee and their guardians to get the results when they visit the website and at the same time they would be able to check the JSC Examination Result 2017.
The website for checking the PSC result, PSC result 2017 is and the PSC result, PSC result 2017 with full Mark-sheet is The Bangladesh Directorate of Primary Education Board result i.e DPE was going to release the PSC result, PSC result 2017 soon on its official website for all the examinees and their parents and guardians to have a look at them. Also the PSC result, PSC Scholarship result 2017 were available on the website.
The PSC result, PSC result 2017 and the Ebtedayee Result 2017

The PSC result, PSC result 2017 and the Ebtedayee School Certificate or the PDC is the examination equivalent to the Primary Certificate certified by the government and it is the Madrasah students of class five which is examined under the Primary Education Board. The examination is also known as the Ibtedayee Shomaponi examination.
The Ibtedayee Shomaponi examination was started in from the year 2010, and in its first two years, it was given under divisional system but from the year 2011, it started presenting the grading system. From the year 2010, the time for the examination was added by half an hour and so it was to be examined for two and a half hours.

How to get PSC result, PSC result 2017

There are a number of ways the examinees together with their guardians could get the PSC result, PSC result 2017. The following are the ways one could use to get the PSC result, PSC result 2017 on time;
Collecting the results from own school.
The fastest and easiest way of getting public examination results is by going to pick them in person from the institution itself. After the results have been handed over to the Prime Minister they ar set to all the education institutions so that some of the examinees and guardians can pick them.
From the internet or website.
It is a primary method for those who want to collect the results without any much cost. The official site for Directorate of Primary Education is from here you will get the results and the full mark sheet. The examinee and the guardians should note that they need to fill the exact information for getting the results. On the website system for PSC result, PSC result 2017 one needs to select and fill all the gaps.
The system clearly indicates the first step as the Examination name. For the general students, they need to select the first or the Madrasah students to need to pick another one and proceed to choose a Passing Year. If one is there to pick the PSC result, PSC result 2017 they just need to pick 2017. Then select your Division, District, Thana Nane and then the Roll Number. Fill all the information and click submit button for finding your PSC result, PSC result 2017 and also find the mark sheet for PSC 2017

>> Through Mobile SMS <<

The PSC result, PSC result 2017 can as well be collected using the mobile short messaging service system. One needs also to remember that PSC Results 2017 BD is available on students to own school campus. The examinee and the guardian should take their phones, go to Messages, type DPE, take a space and type Roll Number again space and type passing year that is 2017 and then send the message to 16222 from any mobile network number.
The SMS format is as shown below.
DPE<space>Thana/Upazillah Name<space>Roll Number<space>Passing Year and then send the message to 16222
A PSC examinee of 2017, living in Nilphamari District, Dimla Thana and needs to collect his or her PSC result, PSC result 2017, he or she needs to send the short message service to the number 16222 in the following format;
DPE Motijheel 123456 2017 to 16222
A point to NOTE is that the examinee or guardian should ensure that they have confirmed the Thana Code because providing a wrong code will not produce the results.

jsc and jdc result 2017

How To Get Easy jsc result ,jsc result 2017 ,jsc result 2017 with marksheet,jsc result dhaka board,jsc result comilla board and jsc result chittagong board

Accessing junior school Certificate results (JSC result 2017) in Bangladesh is now easy and fast. The government and the education boards have embraced the technology making it easy for the results to be accessed online or through SMS. To get accurate results without any hustle, it is important to note some crucial information about the responsible board for your exam.
JSC 2017 Education Boards Short Code URL

1. Dhaka Education Board DHA
2. Comilla Education Board COM
3. Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
4. Jessore Education Board JES
5. Chittagong Education Board CHI
6. Dinajpur Education Board DIN
7. Sylhet Education Board SYL
8. Madrasah Education Board MAD

Accessing JSC Results 2017 Online
Junior school certificate results can be accessed online through various platforms. These platforms include the Education boards websites, Bangladesh education board result site and also through the alternative Bangladesh education website.
Checking results through the education board one needs to be aware of the specific board that handles the results. To get legitimate results, one has to follow a given procedure. First, open the web browser and copy paste the URL of your board. When the official website is open, click on JSC then select the year 2017 and also the board name. After entering the board name, key in the roll number and the capture code, finally click on submit button. When you submit the search details, the browser searches for matching information throughout the results databases. If there is any matching information, a new page loads to display the results. If the search does not match any results, the system alerts the user that there was no match.
One can access the Bangladesh education results site through the URL . They both involve the following of a procedure as well to attain the correct results. Once on any of these websites, click on the results tab. When open it prompts you to enter candidates information. Fill in all the required data and click on submit button to get the results.
The Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN) is also applicable in retrieving JSC results 2017. EIIN is a unique code given to different institutions. This number can only be used by authorized parties to gain access to full results of an institution. These authorized persons include the head of the institution, Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO) or Deputy Commission (DC).
When accessing results through an SMS, first type JSC followed by space, then type the first letters of the board followed by another space, type the roll number followed by 2017 and send it to 1622. An illustration of the procedure would be JSC<space> DHA <space> 906985 <space> 2017 then send to 16222.
Conditions regulating the SMS portal
1. Check whether your operator is accepting to send inquiry SMS for JSC result 2017.
2. Only one roll number is allowed to check results per SMS.
3. Sending of messages should take place after 2:00 PM.
4. Each SMS cost BDT 2.00.
5. All the activities on the number 16222 are controlled and monitored by Teletalk Education portal.
6. Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% is charged on all messages.

The JSC results 2017, will be published on 29 th December. The results will be calculated using the Grade Point Average (GPA) which was developed by Education Board Bangladesh which operates under the Education Board. Grading will be done using alphabets A to F whereby A will be the highest grade while F will be the lowest.
One thing that is common after the release of the results is the eagerness to know how a student performed in JSL exams. Through the online and SMS system, candidates and parents can access results with ease. Online and SMS system pose many advantages that include convenience since one can check results from anywhere as long as they have a cellular phone and access to the internet. They are fast and saves time since generation of results occurs within a click of a button. These systems produce results that are accurate and reliable because they only display results that match the search details. The also save a lot of money since SMS and internet access cost are much cheaper compared to transport fee or fuel cost. The results are also printable into hard copy that is essential for future reference. It is thus clear beyond reasonable doubt that these systems will bring profound impact to users due to their efficiency.

JSC Result 2017 With Full Marksheet

How to get JSC result 2017 on online and SMS. also Get JSC  Result 2017 With mark sheet.The four walls of a classroom are the pillars of our modern day civilization. Education is the best way to fumigate the mind of our young ones against the vermin of crime and radicalization currently threatening our society today. The reality is the bigger the classrooms, the smaller the prison cells as round education are intellectual immunization against crime. Good, now in formal education, the examination is the test of knowledge. Hence in Bangladesh, we have the Junior School Certificate (JSC).

The JSC is a public examination conducted in Bangladesh by every of the education boards recognized officially by the education infrastructure in Bangladesh. The JSC result serves as the state-adopted benchmark education qualification. Students who have successful JSC Results in Bangladesh now assume the status of 8th class pass students. With a successful JSC result, the student can proceed to acquiring his Secondary School Certificate; the official acronym for this is SSC.

Well at the start, it was not really mandatory to sit for the JSC. Basically in Bangladesh, we had the formal introduction of the JSC exams in 2010. From the way it was designed, it was to serve as a direct replacement of the junior scholarship exams. The duration for the JSC exams terminates by the 18th of November. This was a well thought examination platform given that the JSC examinations gives equal opportunities to students from rural Bangladesh to participate with no discrimination even against destitute students.

From these arrangement constructed by senior officials of the Bangladesh educational sector, the Junior School Certificate (JSC) for the year 2017 started last month in November. This academic structure is generally adopted by all the Bangladesh Education Boards. Now talking about the Education Boards in Bangladesh, we have a total number of nine boards which shoulder the responsibility of carrying out this JSC examination.

Counting the boards we have: Chittagong Board, Comilla Board, Dhaka Board, Madrasah Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, Technical (Dhaka) DIBD Board, Rajshahi Board and the Sylhet Board.

For this year the JSC exam result 2017 will be published on Bangladesh educational websites. These websites cut across websites like You can access this website for vital data and general information pertaining to the JSC exam result 2017 as well as details pertaining to educational notes. A wholesome number of students participated this year and are largely looking forward to the JSC exam result 2017. Well they can follow up this website to stay updated with surfacing information so they could regularly refresh how much they know of the JSC exam result 2017.

Announcements coming from the Bangladeshi Minister of Education have confirmed that a mammoth number of students actually partook in the JSC 2017 examination. This large number of students that participated in the JSC 2017 examination was harvested from educational boards like the General Education Board, the Madrasha Board as well as the Board of Technical Education. There is a number under the umbrella of the eight standards that took a part in the JSC 2017 examinations. There is an edge of governmental mercy to this as students who were not successful in completing the curriculum is still allows to procure participation in the JSC 2017 examination to pass for this year.

There is a lovely shift this year pertaining the JSC exam result 2017. Students who have taken part in these exams this year will not have to endure the anxious penury of waiting 60 days to know where they stand as regards the success of the exams they wrote. That is they are presented with the JSC exam result 2017 BD well less than the conventional 60 days. This delicious development is boiled from the progress in that the retouched result of that very exam will be published by the Education Board of Bangladesh in a span of 30 days to date it officially closes!

Students will now be saved many liters of sweat as it is now much more convenient getting their JSC exam result 2017. For this year there was a big delicious leap in the procedures of students reaching their JSC exam result 2017 as this time, students can get their JSC exam result 2017 via text message. Extensively, students have the option of checking out the posted results on Apart from the results proper, this site is a nice destination for getting updated with any information in the vein of the JSC exam result 2017.

Drawing from the structures being installed by the senior Bangladeshi education officials, we could be expecting the JSC exam result 2017possibly by the end of this year. Last month, we saw the conduction of the JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) as well as the JSC exam 2017. This was precisely carried out within the interval of 2nd to 18th of last month.

Now the prime attention of the students who participated in the exams is turned to the result. Of course every student wants to know how tasty the soup his pen cooked in the JSC exam was: the JSC exam result 2017. Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, who occupies the position of the Bangladeshi Education Minister, had made bold declarations that the results will be released this month; possibly the last week of 2017. This applies to the JSC exam result 2017 as well as the results of the JDC examination. These results will be officially revealed to the public at the same time all through the Bangladesh education boards. So we are looking at the end of this year, so students should not fear their fingers will suffer cramp as they won’t be crossing these fingers past this year in expectation of their results.

Official statistics reveal that for the year 2017, about 19, 08,365 students had taken part in this examination in about 2,250 centers throughout Bangladesh. (JDC) Junior Dakhil Certificate as well as Junior School Certificate (JSC) and students from 27,642 educational institutions were judiciously involved in the exam. An accumulated count of 896,862 boys and 1,011,503 girls. The Education Ministry also gave confirmation that for the year 2017, 47, 252 more students sought to particulate in the exam as compared to the number accrued from 2015. For the year 2015, what we had for this same statistics was a combined number of 1,861,113 candidates. This is an encouragingly healthy leap!

The ministry had divulged further statistics that a combined total of 1,553,575 candidates made an appearance in the JSC exams. This number was split across 727,493 boys and 826,082 girls. The examinations were held across 7 centers outside the sovereign shores of Bangladesh. About 106 candidates were recorded in the Jeddah center, Doha center accounted for 72, Tripoli, on the other hand, numbered just 8 while Abu Dhabi reasonably catered for 39, Riyadh was impressive at 109, and then the 2 centers in Dubai took care of 36 and 18 students. 10 students also sat down for the exams from Muscat.

SMS Method

Just as we said, candidates who sat for the JSC (as well as the JDC) will conveniently be notified of their results this year by sms in mobile message. For JSC exam result 2017, all a candidate needs to do is type JSC followed by the board of education’s first 3 letters as well as the exam roll number. Good, have you compiled the SMS? If you have correctly, then you can send this SMS to 16222.

More of something like this: JSC <leave space> DHA <leave space> Roll Number. Now send this message in this format as SMS to 16222

For candidates of the JDC, the format is almost identical: JDC <leave space> MAD <leave space> Roll Number. Now send as SMS in this format to 16222

You have the option of sending this SMS via network providers like Banglalink, Airtel, Grameen Phone,Teletalk, so as to receive your JSC exam result 2017 in the case of the Junior School Certificate exams.


Now if a student who sat for the JSC 2017 exams wish for a review to be carried out on his papers, he has the avenue of lodging his application following the publication of the JSC exam result 2017. There is also an online avenue for the student lodging such compliant by Teletalk prepaid Mobile phone

If you students who resides more in the internet, you can check your JSC exam result 2017 on This website is the official website of the Boards of Bangladesh Education; there you could fetch the results of whatever public examination conducted in Bangladesh including the JSC exam result 2017. One stain on this website is that owing to the online crowd of persons trying to access this website from their computers, the website succumbs to their weight and goes down temporarily. Now if you are the brick and mortar type that doesn’t want anything online, you can get in touch with your JSC exam result 2017, when you from your school campus, check roll number. There is also the SMS option of getting your JSC exam result 2017 we talked about emphatically.

To all candidates of the JSC 2017 exams, we wish you adorable success. For all those plates of books your eyes ate in preparation, for all those times your hands abandoned cutleries for the pen, for those hours your passion deported you from the dining table to the reading table. For all those your nocturnal diligence when you sat awake in study when humanity and the sun were sleeping in nature’s blankets (night), we wish you an enviable JSC exam result 2017!

JSC Result 2017

Ending the high anticipation among students, the Bangladesh Board is all set to publish the JSC (Junior School Certificate) 2017 result on 29th December 2017. You can get the result by clicking on the official site The Board will later make an announcement of the precise time. Also, is an alternative website of the Board from where the result can be easily sourced. All you need to do is simply bookmark the official site of the results by simply pressing CTRL+D and the marks will then be easily available. It is worth nothing that is one of the best educational sites of the country and you can even click on the lick for a first hand report. Meanwhile, the JDC 2017 results are also all set to be published in the same date as its JSC counterpart.

Apart from the official and other websites, the Bangladesh Education Board has also made arrangements to access the JSC 2017 results from your smart phones via SMS. And if you wish to go for the websites, all you need to do is enter your roll number, the name of your Board and the year. After the correct submission of all the required information, you will be directed to the Result Page for the final viewing of your marks along with your grade. Listed below is a step by step procedure to the easy process of accessing your result via the official website.

1) Go to the Dhaka Educational Board official website (

2) Select JSC Dakhil

3) Select “2016” on the year box

4) On the education board option, select “Dhaka Board”

5) Type your Roll no. in the “Roll Number Box”

6) Fill up the “Captcha Code”

7) Finally click the “Submit button”

Now, let’s check out the process of accessing your JSC results through your SMS

Points to remember while you check your JSC results via. SMS

1) Only one roll number will be allowed per SMS/Message [this is meant to not only manage the often busy traffic but ensure there are no duplicate submissions].

2) Your SMS will be accepted only after 2 pm.

3) The cost of per SMS is BDT 2.00

4) 15% VAT, 5% SD and 1% SC are applicable per SMS

5) Only the mobile operator TeleTalk is authorized to send the results through SMS

6) 16222 (Teletalk Education Portal) will be in charge of all the activities connected with the results of the exam conducted by the Board.

So, all you need to do is type JSC /space/DHA(first three letters of Dhaka Board)/space/Your Roll Number/Space/2017 and send to 16222. For Example JSC DHA 293547 2017

Use your EIIN number for your JSC Results 2017

The Bangladesh Board of Education also gives permission to the head of each institute of the country to download the JSC results 2017 with the use of their EIIN number. The process is quite easy and all they need to do is visit the official website and then simply follow the listed steps. Apart from the Head of the Institute, other officials like the UNO (Upazilla Nirbahi Officer), DC (Deputy Commissioner) or any other authorized personals can download the results as per their District/Thana/Center/Institute.

It is worth mentioning that more than 15 lakh students from over 8,305 institutes across the country have appeared for the JSC exam this year. The month long exam was conducted by a total of 8 educational boards and one Madrasa board. The exam is equivalent to the Junior Dakhil Certificate (DC) 2017.

The education board of Bangladesh under the Ministry of Education provides the JSC results on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA), based on the average grade point of each subject. For example a score of 70 marks will be counted as GPA 4.00 and a total score of 69 marks will be directed as GP 3.50. To understand further, we have provided a detailed chart list of the marks distribution process.

Marks range Grade Point (GP) Letter Grade
The following are some of the grade ranges so students should ensure they have been graded according to this criteria. It is important to note that certain systems errors may result in a grade not corresponding with the mark range. It is also important to note that these grades may be adjusted from time to time depending on the prevailing conditions.
0 to 32 0.00 F

33 to 39 1.00 D

40 to 49 2.00 C

50 to 59 3.00 B

60 to 69 3.50 A-

70 to 79 4.00 A

80 to 100 5.00 A+

Along with the JSC results, the Board will also publish the names of the scholarship holders.

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SSC exam New routine 2018 for all Board




The SSC exam routine in Bangladesh is published in order to inform about the time and date of the exams and subject codes. Thee next SSC exam is the Secondary School Certificate examination which will be held in the month of February in 2018 and will be completed in March 2018. The exam will be held in different cities in Bangladesh like Dhaka, RaajShahi, Jashore, Barisal, Silete etc. There are two timing allotted in the exam schedule like from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm every day. As per the exam routine, the first examination will be Bengali first paper which is the code 101 on 2nd Feb 2018. And the time is morning 10 am to 5 pm afternoon. Then on the same day, there are options for Simple Bengali language or Bangladesh and Bengali culture first paper. Then there are two days Gaps, and then the next exam will be on Bengali Second paper and on Bangladesh culture on 5th Feb 2018 and from 10 am to 1 pm. After those papers, the next paper will be in the English language first and second paper respectively. The Papers will be commenced on 7th Feb 2018 and 9th Feb 2018 in the morning.

Then the next exam will be based on the mathematics, and that will be done on 12th Feb 2018 on morning time. After that, Islam religion Education, or Hindu religion education, or Buddhist religion education or Christian religion education will be held on 13th Feb 2018. On 14th Feb 2018, Physical education and sports exam will be commenced. On 16th Feb 2018, Physical Science, or history of Bangladesh, or history, or finance and Banking and introduction to business will be held. Chemistry, Civil education, and Entrepreneurship will be done. Information and communication will be done on 20th Feb 2018in the morning Shift.

Science and higher mathematics will be held on the 22nd Feb 2018, and after that, career education will be done on 23rd Feb 2018. Social science and Introduction to word and Bangladesh will be done on 26th Feb 2018 at morning. Geography and Economic geography will be held on 27th Feb 2018 and the next day is kept for Life Science and Economics. On 1st Mar 2018, Bengali language and literature, English language and literature, Home Science, Some economics, Agricultural science and music exams will be held. On the same day, there is provision for the different languages like Arabic, Sanskrit, Pali, Work education, Computer education, Physical education, Basic Trade and drama and acting exams in the second half from 2 pm to 5 pm. Economics will be held on 2nd March 2018 at the morning, and it is the last written examination in the Exam routine.

After the written exams, the practical exams will be commenced on 4th March 2018 and from 5th March 2018 to 11th March 2018. Music will be held on 4th march and others as a basic trade to physical education, will be commenced within the time limit. There are also some rules prescribed under the Exam routine. The admit cards should always be kept with the candidates, and they have to collect the same from the respective organizations on or before three days at least from the first exam. No one can use mobile or any other gadgets within the examination hall. All the exams apart from the practical ones will be held on other venues apart from the own institutes. And everyone should mention their roll number, registration number, and subject code exactly on the OMR sheet.

The exam routine is published on 15th Nov 2016 on the Government of Bangladesh education board and is also sent to the educational institutes to follow up. The exam routine is plain and simple, and it is also suitable for the candidates as there is ample time gap given between the exams. The students can prepare more minutely as per the routine, and they can also opt for rechecking the results after 7 days of publication of the same on 2018. The SSC exam routine is also an indication to the students about their future is opening up, and they will be concerned about the time for providing the Exam. The exam routine will help the students to prepare for the exams as per the guidelines and the rules. SSC helps the students to be eligible to enter in the higher studies and the Exam routine will help the students to be more comfortable in exams.

SSC New Exam Routine 2018 Publish

SSC New Exam Routine 2018

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SSC Routine 2018 writing exam time 

SSC Routine 2018 writing exam time

SSC Routine 2018 particle exam time 

SSC Routine 2018 particle exam time




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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Public / National Holiday Calendar 2017 Bangladesh, Bangladesh Public Holiday Calendar 2017

Public/National Holiday Calendar 2017 Bangladesh. Bangladesh has 15 national holidays, based on three separate calendars: Gregorian (Christian calendar), Islamic (Hijri calendar), and Bengali calendars. Public holidays in Bangladesh account for 19 days of the year. For constitutional reasons, the United States does not have national holidays in the sense that most other nations do, i.e. days on which all businesses are closed by law and employees have a day off.

Pursuant to the Tenth Amendment, the U.S. federal government only has constitutional jurisdiction to establish holidays for itself, for certain federally chartered and regulated businesses (such as federal banks), and for the District of Columbia; and pursuant to the First Amendment, neither federal, state nor local government can require any business (other than those mentioned) or individual to observe any holiday. Otherwise, constitutional authority to create public holidays is a power reserved to the states. Most states also allow local jurisdictions (cities, villages, etc.) to establish their own local holidays.

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