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5 Best Free Android Apps for Drawing, Sketching and Painting 2017

Your smartphone is probably the best drawing device that you can conveniently carry around wherever you go. Instead of wasting paper and taking extra items with you on the go, you can just use your Android device to draw sketch or practice your favorite form of art every day.
Although Android doesn’t have a built-in drawing app, but there are a plenty of third-party drawing apps available for Android phones and tablets. Whether you’re looking for a simple drawing or painting app for your kids, or you’re wanting a professional sketching app for your business or hobby, here are the some best Android apps to get you started.
  1. SketchBook – Draw and Paint
    Sketchbook is a popular Android painting and sketching app. It provide full surface area to work. It offers 13 brushes with different sizes and color pencils. It allows you to zoom up to 2500% so that you can draw at more closer view.
    The app also has markers and support multi layer working to make your drawing more realistic. If you’re looking to create a detailed piece of art, then Sketchbook is the right app for you.
    This app also offers pro version with some additional features. These include unlimited layers, full color library, blending modes, and access to over 100 different brushes.
  2. Adobe Illustrator Draw
    Adobe Illustrator Draw is a mobile version of the more complex and premium Adobe Illustrator. Although the app is free, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to functionality. Users can pick from a small but versatile range of tools to draw, using vector brushes that make it easy to scale drawings as needed. Users can also draw using layers to create fairly complex artwork, even on a small screen. The app supports stylus input, which is useful if you’re working on a phablet. You will need an Adobe account to use the app.
  3. Sketch
    Sketch is a great drawing app that allows you to draw stunning sketches and have fun with your photos by adding stickers. You can choose from a ton of different colors, stickers, and brushes to craft a beautiful work. You’ll also be able to choose from and manipulate different fonts to add to your sketch.
    Another cool feature of Sketch is it enable you to browse other people’s sketches in the gallery. There you’ll find that users have created some pretty amazing works of art with it, despite it not having a ton of features besides the basics. You can also feature your artwork from Sketch in this gallery as well, making it the perfect place to browse, find ideas from others, and even share some of your own.
  4. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
    ArtFlow is another powerful drawing app that offers various brushes, color palettes, pencils, line style and more. It has two pop-out menus that disappear when you start painting. The menu on the top screen contains over 70 brushes, an adjustable smudge tool, eraser, paint bucket, color picker, line style, and gallery. The right side menu contains your layers and different layer functions such as merge, duplicate, rotate, etc.
    The app gives you the ability to export files in Photoshop’s format and support pressure sensitive pens like Samsung’s S Pen.
  5. Sketch Master
    Sketch Master is an easy to use drawing app that offers several types of sketching tools with simple user interface. The app allows users to create an unlimited number of layers with the ability to toggle visibility and opacity of these layers and even reorder them. It also gives users a choice of 7 brushes, and the ability to save and share images. While the app is quite new, it certainly doesn’t lack in functionality, and could be very useful for kids.

10 Photoshop Skin Retouching Actions Set Download 2017

Why use Photoshop skin retouching actions Set ?

Photoshop Actions really save our time. When I personally use only brush tools for retouching any photo it takes more than 10 minute. But when I use Photoshop skin retouching actions it only takes 2 or 3 minute.

How to load Photoshop skin retouching actions Set ?

If you don’t know how to load actions Set, you can not work with it. Go to Window>Actions or press alt+F9. Your actions tab will be open. Now you have to load your actions with this tab.
Take a look at this 45 second video and it will be clear to you.

Take a look at this 45 second video and it will be clear to you.

5 Skin Retouching Actions Download

Retouch skin like a professional photographer or designer. Just one click need for you heal,Mattify and airbrush skin. Simply play the action then paint over the areas that you want to retouch.
The Actions:
– Mattifier
– Skin Airbrushing
– Brighten Eyes
– Redness Reducer
– Clipping Free Contrast

Skin 101 – Essential Photoshop Actions pack 

spooky portraits 

sa-cool actions 2.08 colors

 Magical effect 4.0

Photoshop Action Set o1

Wedding Enhancers Kit

Actions 019

90 Premium Actions Set

If you are a professional Photographers and Graphic Designer you must try this 90 Premium Actions Set. If you want to save you time use this actions into your images and make your image better.
  • Non-destructive actions (all actions keep untouched the original image)
  • Arranged (all layers are automatically arranged in a Group Folder)
  • Best results with one click
  • Combine actions (all actions are combinable to obtain more than 90 effects. You’ll find the instructions in the PDF Help File)
  • Make changes (most of the actions has been created using “Adjustments layers” which gives you the chance to change the values in your own way)

Magic Retouch Pro

Magic Retouch Pro v2.5 and above will only work in Photoshop CC and above as Adobe changed its API for new versions of Photoshop CC and dropped support for Photoshop CS 6 and below.But you can still use Magic Retouch Pro v2.4 for Photoshop CS6 and below.
Magic Retouch Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop with which you can do professional level of photo retouching without any knowledge of retouching.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you like this article share it with your friends. Enjoy Happy Retouching now.