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Apple iPhone 8 (2017) News, Release Date , Specifications & Features And Price

Apple iPhone 8

If you recall, a few months ago, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the best phones of 2017. The promises were that that iPhone would be the phone you could not live without. Now, talks are all about the new phone from Apple — the iPhone 8. With the iPhone 8, it will be the 10th -anniversary release of Apple’s iPhone. It’s amazing how evolved the iPhone has become since the first phone was placed on the market ten years ago in 2007. The iPhone 8 is talked about as being revolutionary and the best iPhone Apple has produced. All the iPhone fans are expecting big changes and are looking forward to the best smartphone yet with the upcoming arrival of the new iPhone 8. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the next generation of the mobile device. It is rumored that it may even be named the iPhone X in honor of the anniversary. Manufacturers are gearing up to make 120 to 150 million new iPhones in the latter part of this year. The rumors are running rampant about the iPhone 8. For example, since Apple has a patent for a folding phone, there are rumors that the new phone will be able to fold similar to how you fold a book. It is not that likely that just because Apple can, that they will use this design. However, there are so many more rumors that have surfaced about the new phone. Sources report exciting new changes and features in the next generation of the iPhone. Below are the specs that reports are presenting about the new phone.
Apple iPhone 8 (2017) News, Release Date , Specifications & Features And Price

Apple iPhone 8 Release date?

Apple will more than likely follow their typical release schedule. There will be a September press release date, and then the phone will come out a week afterward. It’s possible that the company will surprise consumers and introduce the model before the Fall, but there is undoubtedly anticipation building. Redefining with a glass on glass body. It is rumored that the new phone will steer away from the aluminum body. It’s expected that there will be two glass panes — one in the front and one on the back. There will be less metal bezel around the glass which will make for a larger screen. Reports believe that this new build will bring down the cost of the phone dramatically. The former models of the iPhone have Gorilla glass, but it is predicted that the new phone will replace that glass with Sapphire glass which will provide more protection. It will be virtually unbreakable.

Apple iPhone 8 Full Specifications

Brand Name Apple
Model iPhone 8
Network Type 4G, 3G, 2G
SIM Type Single
Camera  Back 16 MP, Front 13 MP
Display Size And Type 5.0 INCH 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
Body Size 6.1 mm thickness
Processor 1.4GHz Qualcomm – Octa Core CPU
Internal Memory 32/64/128/256 GB
External Memory N/A
Sensors Fingerprint (front-mounted),Proximity, Compass, Barometer, Accelerometer, Gyro
USB V3.0
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, HotSpot, NFC
Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh Battery (Removable)

Colors Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

iPhone 8 Features And Price 

It’s an eye-opener
It’s been suggested that the iPhone 8 will have an iris scanner installed which allow you to be able to unlock  the phone with your eye. Apple already has facial recognition with iOS 10. Samsung was one of the first to bring this technology to the masses. It’s predicted that the iPhone will have laser sensors and an infrared sensor located near the face fronting camera. With Apple’s induction of this feature in the new generation iPhone, it will be a nice substitute for the prior Touch ID. Touch ID will possibly become virtual and integrated
into the screen. Multiple Models and stylus -Equipped
It’s possible that in addition to the iPhone 8, there will be the iPhone Pro and iPhone Plus. One phone could be

5.5 inches with OLED screen. Another one will probably also be 5.5 inches but with an LCD screen and a third with 4.7 inches and an LCD screen with a single screen. The phone is rumored to be accompanied with a pen. The stylus will allow artists to be able to unleash their creativity and users will be able to better edit photos.

Assorted colors introduces a New one
The iPhone 5C had a colorful spectrum of color options. The iPhone 8 with mellow metallics will now possibly have a beautiful red added to the pallet of colors — black, rose gold, silver, and gold.
On the Edge
Rumors have surfaced that Apple will have an edge -to -edge display. The new phone may have a curved or OLED screen. However, this isn’t a new concept in the market of smartphones because it is something that also the competition, like Samsung, has been doing with their screen over the span of their most recent models. To help create more screen space, Apple may completely get rid of the home button. This will give the phone a brand new design — different from previous models.
Wire -free charging and more power
It’s been reported that Apple is looking into wireless charging. The rumor is that one of Apple’s main manufacturers are making wireless charging phones that we can see this year. The all -glass casing will help aid in this wireless charging feature. Apple will also amp up the phone’s RAM, and with an All processor, it will be more powerful. This will help the iPhone 8 become a leader and stand out in performance among the other smartphones on the market.

A phone that swims
The new phone could possibly be more water-resistant — especially if the phone is made to charge wirelessly. There would be no gateway for water or other liquid substances.

A better camera and Augmented Reality
It’s possible that the new iPhone 8 will have a dual -lens camera. The sensors will be better at capturing light which will make for increased quality in pictures. The new phone is predicted to be adapted for augmented reality as well. This will allow for a 3-D overlay. There are other platforms doing this but unfortunately not that great. This will be a great feature for the new phone because you could point to an object and it will be recognized and can be manipulated.

What it will cost you
The iPhone 7 with 256 GB, can cost over $900 off the shelf. So, it is expected that with all the iconic features of the new iPhone 8, it will be priced over $1,000. This price seems plausible considering the phone will have a bigger size and the pricey OLED or the LCD screen.
Apple iPhone 8 Price in USA : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in Bangladesh : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in Singapore : Comming Soon
Apple iPhone 8 Price in INDIA : Comming Soon

Apple iPhone 8 Price in KSA : Comming Soon
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iPhone Magnetic Cable Review 2017

One of the most useful features that the older Macbooks had, which Apple phased out, was the MagSafe power connector. Unlike traditional power connectors which plug-in tightly into phones or laptops, the MagSafe connector would magnetically attach. The advantage of this was that if someone unknowingly tripped over the cable, it would simply plug out and not pull the laptop along with. The usefulness of this feature can’t be understated as it would prevent your expensive tech equipment from being destroyed by an accident.
 iPhone Magnetic Cable Review 2017
The iPhone 6 in contrast, has a now standard lightning connector. While the new jack is smaller than the older 30-pin dock connector standard and can be plugged in both ways, it is still lacking the functionality of connecting magnetically. Luckily, accessory manufacturers are aware of this problem and realize that there’s a demand for cables which can connect magnetically to an iPhone . As a result, there are a number of iPhone 6 magnet cables from third-party accessory makers which add the security and functionality of magnetic connection to the iPhone’s lightning port.
What are the benefits of using a Magnetic Cable?
An iPhone 6 is a fragile device which needs to be handled with care. Dropping it once is enough to visibly damage the phone. A magnetic cable is an added security feature which will give you peace of mind that your phone can’t be destroyed by someone tripping over the power cable.
Magnetic connectors are also great at night or in lowly lit environments. Under darkly lit circumstances, it can be hard to see where the lightning port of your iPhone 6 is and plug it in easily. Magnetic connectors can do the work for you and take the guesswork out of plugging in your iPhone for charging. They simply snap on with minimal effort when brought near the port.
iPhone 6 magnet cables only improve functionality and security with no drawbacks. Data transfer speeds when syncing your phone through iTunes on your computer will remain just the same. There’s no detriment to charging speed either. Your phone will get fully charged in the same amount of time regardless of which cable you use. Magnet cables for the iPhone 6 work just as well the standard lightning cable which Apple ships with iPhones. It’s the security aspect which makes magnet cables worthy of switching over to.

How does a iPhone Magnetic Cable Work?

These cables use intelligent engineering to introduce magnetic connectivity to the iPhone. They are made up of two parts. The nub with the lightning connector which plugs into an iPhone and the rest of the cable, with a standard USB connector to plug into a charger or your computer at one end, and the magnetic connector which communicates with the nub at the other. The nub is small and diminutive in dimensions. It’s designed to be left in an iPhone even when it’s not connected to the rest of the cable. It can serve as an effective dust protector for the iPhone’s lightning port as well. Despite its minuscule proportions, it’s just as easy to plug it out as it is to plug it in because of the edges which can be easily gripped with fingernails to pull it out.
What types of Magnetic cables for the iPhone 6 are available?
There’s a great deal of variety in the choices available when it comes to accessories for Apple products. Cases and cables for the iPhone can found in different designs and colors, with varying degrees of quality. Magnet cables for the iPhone 6 are no different. A quick search on Amazon will pull up several such products. Each magnet cable is different from the last. They come in different colors, ranging from the standard silver and white to colorful options like pink and gold. They can vastly differ from each with respect to the features they have and how they work to provide the facility of magnetic connectivity to your iPhone too.
With so many options and choices, it can be hard to choose the right one to fulfill your needs. Reviews and ratings may not always tell the full story. I’ll go over some of the best ones which are reliable. Read on to find out which magnet cables are worth considering. Don’t worry about being able to find these same models as they’re all available on Amazon.

Find The Best iPhone Magnetic Cable Available from Amazon

1) GEEPIN Apple Lighting to USB Magnetic Cable
Geepin is a well-established manufacturer of iPhone accessories. This magnet cable has all the hallmarks of the brand’s quality. It’s reliable and easy to use. The cable is 3.3ft long and has a built-in chip for surge protection and protecting your iPhone from high voltage spikes.
Not only is it compatible with the iPhone 6, but it also works with other Apple devices with lightning ports such as the iPad, iPad mini, other iPhones and the iPod touch seamlessly.
It functions just as well as it claims to, if not better. It delivers on the promise of magnetic charging for the iPhone and executes the idea fairly well.
Several positive reviews on Amazon can attest to the functionality benefits gained from using this cable. The charging indicator is a red light on the stem of the cable. It accurately conveys if the phone is charging or not. People often overlook if their phone is actually charging or not after plugging the charger. This light mitigates that problem by immediately telling you if your phone is getting charged or not. For example, if it isn’t charging, you’ll be immediately reminded to turn the switch for the plug back on.
Pros- Easy to use, reliable, red LED charging indicator
Cons- Magnetic connection is a bit weak, cable body is made of white rubber
Bottomline- A combination of cheap price and an excellent set of features have made this one of the most popular magnet cables for the iPhone 6.

2) Mr.Pro Apple USB Lightning iPhone Magnetic Cable
Despite being a relatively unknown brand, Mr.Pro have made a cable which works right out of the box with minimal set-up required. Like the previous cable, this too has an LED charging indicator on the magnetic end of the cable. The entire product is colored silver and has a metallic finish, mirroring that of the iPhone.
The 3.3ft long cable should be long enough for most people to use their phone while charging, even if at a moderate distance from the plug point. Along with surge protection, the cable is also capable of boosting the speed at which your phone charges.
The magnetic nub fits snugly into the iPhone’s lightning port. It’s so small that it won’t be a hindrance to just keep it plugged in, even when not connected to the cable. The nub has the additional benefit of preventing dust from accumulating in the port and keep it functioning well for a long for a long time. It attaches to the other part of the cable promptly and stays in place when you keep your phone stationary for charging. However, the magnets in this one aren’t as strong as in Apple’s own MagSafe. This means that stretching the cable and taking your phone too far away from the plug point will cause the magnets to disconnect. As a result, your phone will stop charging. This also happens when you hold your phone straight up.
Pros- Does it what it claims to, long cable, LED charging indicator
Cons- Uninspiring design, weak magnets
Bottomline- This cable from Mr.Pro works well for the most part and makes magnetic connectivity as accessible as changing a cable. Its only problem then is that there are better cables, with more premium look and feel, which sell for the same price or lower.

3) NetDot Second Generation Magnetic USB Charger Cable
This magnet cable from NetDot comes in 3 different colors. The cable portion is braided for added durability and to give the product a premium feel. The paint job of this cable has a metallic finish. This makes the color options of pink, gold and silver that the cable is available in look even better.
The cable is capable of supporting 2.1A from a fast charger for speedy charging. NetDot has designed the cable to be compatible with all Apple products that a have a lightning port, including the iPhone 6.

They also sell packs of 2 or 3 such cables at a discounted rate per cable. This is excellent if you want to have magnetic connectivity for your other Apple devices like an iPad or iPod touch at the same time as your iPhone 6.
As for actually using this on an iPhone 6, it works well and delivers in terms of performance. Transfer data through this cable works just fine. You can sync your iPhone to your computer with this just as fast as with the stock lightning cable from Apple. It’s the same story when charging as well. It’s good for charging your iPhone 6 up to 100% very fast.
The one year warranty guarantees that you’re getting a quality product that will last a while and can hold the manufacturer accountable if it doesn’t. You can rest easy, being assured that any problem you face will entitle you to get refund or a product replacement
Pros- One year warranty, multipacks available at discounted rates, premium design and finish, braided wires, several color options
Cons- Some quality control issues
Bottomline- NetDot’s magnetic cable is recommended on the basis of its build quality alone. It has a premium design and feels more expensive than it actually is. At the same time, it works well and there’s a one year warranty to protect you as well.

4) CoolKo 2.1A Magnetic Lighting Converter Adapter
Unlike the previously mentioned products, this one doesn’t bring MagSafe functionality through the use of an entire cable. Instead, this one is an adapter or converter made by CoolKo. It functions identically to cable and serves the same purpose. Just connect it onto a lightning cable you already have and plug the nub into the iPhone 6’s charging port and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of magnetic charging.
Inserting and removing a lightning cable several times can damage your iPhone 6’s port as well as the cable. This adapter fixes that problem by replacing the physical link with a magnetic one. The magnetic link is easier to snap on or disconnect and doesn’t damage any component or cause any wear and tear over time.
Installing this adapter is easy if you follow the intuitive to understand instructions that come with the product. Be warned, though, this converter doesn’t fit on thicker cables. However, it works flawlessly with the lighting cable that comes supplied with the iPhone 6.
The biggest problem with this product is that at the same price as this adapter, you can get a full-fledged cable from another brand which can support data transfer too. Buy this only if you need something that’s compact, portable and has the versatility to be used with other lightning cables.
Pros- Small size, ease of use, versatile
Cons- Easy to lose or misplace, doesn’t support data transfer, comparatively higher price
Bottomline- If you’re looking for a highly rated solution only for charging your iPhone 6 magnetically, this adapter from CoolKo easily fits the bill. It’s one of the most highly rated because of how compact and easy to use it is.

5) CONMDEX Double-Magnetic Charging Cable for iPhone
Despite its lower price, this magnet cable from Conmdex has all the advantages and niceties of higher priced models. For example, the cable supports fast charging and can transmit currents of 2.4A with ease. It’s the design of the cable and premium build quality which make this cable present the most value for money.
The housing of the connector is made of actual aluminum instead of the plastic imitations used by other brands. It blends well with the iPhone 6’s design. The color options of gold, pink and silver allow it to match whichever iPhone you have shade for shade.
The cable is just as well made too. The copper wires are covered with a fashionable colored nylon braiding. This great for durability and looks better than the standard black or white rubber cables too.
The metal housing and nylon braiding, besides looking good, improve the durability of the cable. It’s strong and high-quality construction will last you a long time. You’ll probably replace your iPhone before you replace this cable.

Pros- Metal housing, nylon braiding, low price, fast charging, reliable .Cons- Magnets easily disconnect
Bottomline- Those looking for the best bang for their buck can’t go wrong with this cable. It uses premium materials and looks good regardless of the color you pick it in. It works just as well and lets you add magnetic connectivity to your phone for a bargain price.

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iPhone 8: Release date, price, rumours and news about Apple's 2017 iPhone

Apple only just launched its iPhone 7 a few months ago, but many eyes are already turning to next year's model, the iPhone 8, which is expected to be Apple's biggest launch in years


Yes, we know, the iPhone 7 was only released in September. But with this year's model featuring only iterative upgrades, many Apple fans are already looking ahead to the iPhone 8.
2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which was first announced by Steve Jobs on 9 January 2007, and released later that year on June 29.

Given the momentous occasion, rumour has it that Apple has been holding back some of its most groundbreaking features for next year's model - which many expect to be called the iPhone 8.
We've rounded up all the latest rumours and leaks, so if you're unimpressed by the iPhone 7's features, you'll know what next year's update has in store.

Latest news

Apple is rumoured to be working on three versions of its next iPhone, including a 5-inch model to sit between its existing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets.
Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports that all three models will boast identical specifications , citing sources within Apple's Taiwanese supply chain.
The 5-inch version is also rumoured to feature a dual-lens camera, with iSight modules arranged vertically instead of horizontally.

Release date

Apple traditionally releases its latest iPhone in the first two weeks of September, in good time for the start of the Christmas shopping season.
So far, there's nothing to suggest the company will break with tradition. That means we can expect Apple to unveil its new handset either the week of September 4 or September 11.
Then again, with it being a special anniversary, Apple may choose to pick a different date for the launch. If Apple is feeling particularly nostalgic, it may opt for June 29 - the same day the first iPhone was released.


It's unlikely that Apple's iPhone 8 will be any easier on the wallet than previous models, but it may not be much more expensive.
In past years, Apple has launched its new handset at roughly the same price point as the previous model, and simultaneously knocked around £100 off the cost of the previous model.
Apple's 32GB iPhone 7 costs £599, while the iPhone 7 Plus starts at £719.
That should give you a fairly good idea of what the iPhone 8 will cost - although if it does get a major design ovehaul, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple increased the price a bit.

The tick-tock cycle refers to Apple releasing a new design every two years, and new features within the same casing on alternate years (which are usually known as "s" models).
However, rumour has it that Apple is moving to a three-year cycle on major iPhone refreshes.
This, combined with the fact that next year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, suggests that Apple's 2017 model will be a fairly major upgrade.